Crime Thrillers

We all need other sides to our personality, and when not writing romance, I like to cross over to the dark side. Writing crime thrillers with a disturbing edge allows me to explore the more gruesome aspects of humanity. Read these, alone at night … if you dare.

Death in Brighton Series

Death Marks: Death in Brighton Book 1

After the brutal death of his wife and son, DCI Redd returns to work, but can’t help seeing their faces in the victims of depraved killers.
Detectives at Brighton Police Station thought nothing could surprise them until they looked down at the two bodies of a young man and woman. The detectives suspect a serial killer is on the loose but, with the support of American profiler Dr. Tessa Davies, they soon realize that they are looking for a group of demented sadists intent of carrying out the lurid rituals of the ancient druids. Time is running out for another kidnapped couple.

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Lost Toys: Horror in Brighton Book 2

A Saviour is abroad raging for justice. In his wake a prostitute lies slaughtered, her children missing. How many more sinners’ lives will he claim? How many children will disappear before the police have even a sniff of a clue?
Witnessing the horror of the Saviour’s work DI Samantha Templeton seeks the aid of Doctor Ryan Anderson, an ex-profiler whose chief aim is to help the hapless victims, the working girls and their children of Poet’s Corner, a notorious center of vice.

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Lost Chords: Horror in Brighton Book 3

Young women with beautiful voices destined for fame meet a terrifying death. To DCI Samantha Templeton’s horror, a new terror arises in the form of The Musician, a demented serial killer searching for the perfect voice. Horror awaits those young singers who fail to meet his demands.
Dr. Ryan Anderson an ex profiler comes to Samantha’s aid as she frantically searches the music world fighting to save the lives of yet more of the Musician’s victims.

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