Supernatural Romance

Though boasting fully researched and fleshed out historical backdrops, these novels have strong supernatural elements. Bridging the gap between light and dark, I’m sure you will find much to enjoy.

The Rhonan Series

Return to Rhonan: Eternal Love

1810: The Scottish Highlands. Secret lovers Muriall
Mondell and Lord Duncan of Rhonan fight for the lives of evicted tenants. Lord Maximillian, member of the infamous Hell Fire Club preys on young women to take part in rituals. His intent is to conjure a demon – the prize Muriall’s soul. Present day: New York. American psychotherapist Jessica McGregor dreams are haunted by the lovers of two hundred years ago. Jess travels to Scotland in search of them. Drawn by the ruined
castle in the grounds, she books into the ghostly Rhonan Manor Hotel. Shocked, she recognizes the owner of the hotel, the brooding Lord Douglas of Rhonan as the dream lover. Deep in the bowels of the ruined castle, a demon gathers strength.

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Possessed at Rhonan

Jessica McGregor captures the heart of the brooding Lord Douglas Mavebury. They plan to make Rhonan Manor Hotel, their home. Will their hopes be destroyed as their ancestors fled the Manor.
Jessica time travels to 1810 to save the life of her ancestor the Lady Muriall
Deep in the bowels of the ruined castle, a demon gathers strength, intent on wreaking vengeance on all descendants of Dark Glen
A Jesuit priest, Father Tobias Marescas warns the demon festers in the dungeon, planning revenge
Can Duncan overcome his disbelief in time to save Jessica?
Can Jessica save her ancestor Muriall?

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Reunited at Rhonan

Jess and Dinah, face the demon. Can Lucy can save them, as she summons Phantom, an ancient shaman?
At the Manor, the friends open a Center for Psychic Studies, where Dinah develops into a strong healer whilst Lucy becomes a powerful l medium.
Jess time travels, fighting to bring the ghostly lovers Muriall and Lord Duncan together again.
Douglas struggles with his disbelief as a high-ranking demon, rages in the castle dungeons, a demon determined to possess Jessica. Will the warrior of God, the Jesuit Tobias Marescas arrive at Rhonan in time to save them from a horrific death?

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