Here are a selection of my novels that do not fall into the previous categories. Here, you will find horror, science fiction, and even romantic comedy. These are prime examples of an author ‘stretching their legs’ – not afraid to branch out in new directions. Did I mention that these are also excellent reads?

Fear the Night: Paranormal Horror: A Clash of Vampires Book 1

‘Fear the Night’ formerly ‘Kantara First of the Vampires’. Fear the Night – a Clash of Vampires chills and inspires, leading to questions that affect our future existence whether it be vampire or mortal. The novel embraces the horror of the vampire, the nefarious intrigues of the ancient pharaohs and the secrecy of discoveries hidden in the bowels of Westminster. The story takes place in London, yet embraces the centuries. Passion mounts with a love that fights impossible odds in a mystery emerging from a distant galaxy.
Is this fact or fiction? Only the reader may discern the truth of the vampire and the human. The leakage of more secrets since the writing of the first novel led to it being edited and partially rewritten. Fact or fiction? Only you will know.

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Listen to the Chicken: Romantic Comedy

Zach is mourning the loss of his mother when he inherits a ramshackle manor. On moving in, Zach discovers three strange inhabitants and why are there so many chickens? Then there’s a peculiar young girl who keeps visiting.
He rescues a young mother and her infant son fleeing from a brutal husband. Zach offers her shelter at the manor and promptly falls in love. But there’s gossip in the village – the manor is haunted. Zach is frantic; Grace will leave to protect her son.
He turns to the local vicar for help, but he’s a lunatic who believes he’s an Immortal. Zach is desperate, to whom can he turn ? He could lose the love of his life. Then there’re the chickens!!

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To Love A Cyborg – Science Fiction Romance Series: High Tech Book 1

To Love a Cyborg is an action filled Blockbuster; a chilling book that will set the pulses racing.
It is 2065, No-one knows the true identity of Detective Chief Superintendent Ben Tobin or where he came from. His world turns into a nightmare with a spate of shocking homicides and abductions. Determined to solve the sinister notes left with the bodies, he turns to American psychologist Lucy Roberts. Working together they begin a passionate affair that turns into a nightmare.
The clock is ticking, as the crimes take them across the world, and out to the Asteroid Belt.
As Ben races to save the victims, Lucy disappears.
Fast-paced and gritty, this is an electrifying read. A dark thriller that will take you into the night.

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