Regency Romance

I have written a number of Regency Romances – largely inspired by South Coast English Regency towns such as Brighton and my love of that period in history. Extensively researched and vividly brought to life, I hope you find time to grace the elegant, sometimes bawdy early 19th century world.

Lords of Sussex Series

A Lady’s Plight: Lords of Sussex Book 1

Lady Isabella Winton waited patiently to marry Lord Alexander Fitzroy, Earl of Standford, an officer and reformed rake, but he always delays the nuptials. This time, he tells her he is urgently needed in Belgium. He warns it may be dangerous for her to accompany him.
Isabella knows he is lying, since things would not change so suddenly. She wanted to ride in the park off the Rue Royale; enjoy elaborate dinners and extravagant balls; so different from her quiet life. Fearing Alex may have returned to his rakish ways, she insists on travelling with him.
Caught up in wedding arrangements, Isabella is unaware that Lord Everard Ladness is obsessed with her and will go to any lengths to possess her.

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Lady Henrietta’s Dilemma: Lords of Sussex Book 2

Lady Henrietta harbours a secret, so appalling, she cannot tell even her closest friends, the Lady Isabella or Lady Phillipa. As her wedding approaches, it preys on her mind, and she pleads with her fiancé Lord Vaughan Bruges, the Marquess de Courres, to delay the consummation of the marriage. They have a shocking argument in which Lord Vaughan refuses to declare any love for her, and to her anguish is unwilling to give up his mistress. Henrietta wishes to call of the marriage, but it would ruin her family’s reputation. However, Lord Vaughan too harbours a secret, one that could break Henrietta’s heart, even wreck her life.
There is a certain prince, who is determined to have her, married or not, but what is his true title?
A romance set in 1815 as the clouds of war gather over Brussels.

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Lady Phillipa’s Peril: Lords of Sussex Book 3

Travelling to her fiancés estate for her forthcoming marriage, Lady Phillipa Frencham counts herself as the happiest of young women. She is to wed Lord Hector Thurston, Baron of West Mead. The only bane in her life is her treacherous brother-in-law to be, Lord Demetrius who takes every opportunity to seduce her. How can she tell Hector of his brother’s ardour for her? To do so could result in a duel and ruin the wedding, even tear the family apart. However, she is unaware that Hector too may not be all he seems; and who is the new comer, the charming Lady Amaryllis Wilbraham?
On her arrival at the Manor, Phillipa receives a threatening note, ‘Marry at Your Peril’ which Hector casually dismisses as a poor joke. Enter the Duke of Denfordshire, who immediately enchanted with Phillipa, is determined to make her his own. Phillipa in turn fights with her heart, and her conscience, as danger besets her from all sides.

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Lady Venetia’s Vow: Lords of Sussex Book 4

Captain Thomas Reece, the Marquess of Ghaunt becomes Venetia Lovegrove’s protector, but he would rather be her lover. Venetia unaware of his rising passion for her, thinks only of finding her lost fiancé.
Two weeks before her wedding, Venetia learns her fiancé Lord Horatio Winton is presumed dead, killed in action. Shocked, she learns that he was an agent in His Majesty’s Secret Service, but his body is missing. Hoping he is still alive, she vows to find him, even if it means traveling through war-torn Europe. Her future father-in-law, expressly forbids such a foolish venture. Desperate, she plans to steal away at night, with her devoted maid and two loyal footmen.
Captain Tom Reece, the Marquess of Ghaunt, is immediately smitten with Venetia and wins her confidence. He tries to dissuade her from such a perilous mission; then insists on escorting her. Concealing his plans to seduce her, together they embark upon a journey that threatens their freedom, and their very lives.

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The Duke Needs a Wife: The Lords of Sussex Book 5

The untimely demise of her parents, leaves Miss Cassandra Whitney devastated and penniless to bring up her younger siblings. To her relief and astonishment delight, she inherits a titled estate and a ruin of a castle.
News of Casandra’s inheritance travels fast, reaching the highest circles in the ton. The Dowager Duchess of Taunton sees her as a worthy match for her son Maximillian the 6th Duke of Taunton.  The dowager plans to take control over the castle which would be a prestigious venue for her many social events. balls. But to her dismay, neither Cassandra nor Maximillian have any desire or plans to wed.

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Other Regency Romance

Love Letters from a Snowman: A Christmas Romance

The end of the Napoleonic Wars leaves estates desolate, with their owners penniless. The Right Honourable Barnard Lewis, desperate to save the estate and family from starvation, studies to be a physician. He cannot raise enough funds to complete his final year of training. His sister, Miss Tabitha Lewis, is determined to help him by seeking employment as a governess.
The Right Honourable Owen Balfour, deserted by his wife, brings up their infant son Charles. To his despair, the child is diagnosed as suffering from consumption. He advertises for a governess.
Tabitha replies to the advert and is accepted by a delighted Lord Balfour. Despite her brother’s objections, she travels to Balfour Mansion. However, it is not just the position that attracts but the twinkle in Lord Balfour’s eyes.
On meeting her little charge she is suspicious of the family physician’s diagnosis. On her first day, she realises she must end a domineering aunt’s horrific regime of ‘care’.
Tabitha decides the child will enjoy Christmas, but is unaware the Earl has visions for a Christmas with her.

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Sands of Seduction: A Regency Suspense Romance – Time Travel

Fleeing from a tragic love affair, Clarrissa Culling, a talented rising artist, discovers a medieval town nestling at the foot of Arundel Castle. With a deserted coastline nearby, she is free to explore the towering dunes and paint on deserted beaches. Even if she can never escape the torment, she may heal – in time.
She meets a mysterious stranger, a time traveler, posing as a modern-day entrepreneur. Against her will, she is attracted to his rugged dark looks and charming flamboyance. Yet forces gather around, threatening Clary with danger, torture, and death. Can Drago save her?

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The Lady Loses a Shoe: Regency Romance

PLEASE NOTE. This novel is an abridged and edited version of Nurse to the Marquis.
Lady Rosamond Whitney agrees to attend the Little Season in support of her widowed friend Lady Harriett Templeton. However, she has no wish to find a husband for herself as her heart lies elsewhere.
After visiting the modiste they go to a local coffee house, unaware of the danger ahead.
Enter the Lord Sebastian, 6th Marquess of Delmoor, a renowned rakehell and hero of the Battle of Waterloo. On their way, to Bath, they stop for coffee at the local coffee house little realizing they would be fighting a rapacious group of drunken dandiprats intent on dishonouring Lady Rosamond and Lady Harriett.

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