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The Wounded Healer: Diary of a Therapist

Romance, suspense. grief and joy! Doctors, psychotherapists … and strong-minded pets. A book to read on a sunny afternoon in the garden, or on the beach, or maybe bedtime. I’ll leave you to find out the ending. Happy reading.

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Sunday 14th June to Thursday 18th June

Dr. Sophie Lampton’s fiance disappears. When still missing after a year of extensive searches by police, family, and friends, Sophie succumbs to a social anxiety disorder that threatens her new practice as a psychologist. Her best friend, Dr. Rachael Morse, a sexual psychologist, urges her to seek the help of a renowned professor of psychology, Seth Hunter. The phobia stops her from seeking his help. Rachael is determined Sophie should be treated. She books an appointment with the professor.
Sophie reluctantly attends a session with Seth but breaks down as panic overwhelms her. Can Seth help her? Can he cut through the paralyzing tentacles of the disorder?

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Will you encounter the Maid of the Forest?

During these extraordinary times of lock-down and financial uncertainty, please enjoy a few hours of exciting reading with the ‘Maid of the Forest’, a time travelling fantasy romance.

This book is FREE from the 5th May to the 9th May with my best wishes. Just click the Links below.

Tania Roberts inherits a centuries-old cottage. Rumours of supernatural happenings in the dark forest do not deter Tania. However, days before she and her fiance decide to move in, Gary disappears.
Tania’s friend Clara Price moves in to support her as she waits for news of her missing fiance. They begin a thorough search of the cottage. A search that will take them through time to a distant world of the ancient Tree people, A dangerous yet beautiful world that threatens and enchants, a world where shape-shifting wolves roam with ferocious bears, a world where Lord Devlin the Black Warrior, travels with his squire, the mighty Prince of Ansgar Drunraig. They tread warily for it is a place of sacred groves, and many dangers.
It is in the deadly enchanted forest that Lord Devlin would encounter Forestyne, the Maid of the Forest, a powerful sorceress of the Tree People.

Enjoy a great book for Free … from Me

Please take some time to visit my website, where you will find a gallery of my art and photos, contact details, and details about the many books I have written.

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Will You Be Seduced By The Sands?

In these testing times, for those who need an escape, or are simply looking for a really good read, I have decided to make my time travelling Regency Romance, ‘The Sands of Seduction‘, available for FREE on Amazon Kindle for 5 days.

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FREE: 8th April until 12th April

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Fleeing from a tragic love affair, Clarrissa Culling, a talented rising artist, discovers a medieval town nestling at the foot of Arundel Castle. With a deserted coastline nearby, she is free to explore the towering dunes and paint on deserted beaches. Even if she can never escape the torment, she may heal … in time.
She meets a mysterious stranger, a time traveler, posing as a modern-day entrepreneur. Against her will, she is attracted to his rugged dark looks and charming flamboyance. Yet threatening forces gather around Clary. Can Drago save her?

Free From Amazon US Free From Amazon UK

I hope you are all keeping safe and supporting those in most need – my husband and I are currently isolating but keeping busy. Please enjoy my website. You will find information on my many books and even a gallery with photos and slideshows of my artwork.

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Lose Yourself As The Lady Loses A Shoe!

In these troubling times, for those who are isolating, lonely, low on funds, or are simply looking to escape into another world, I have decided to make my exciting Regency Romance, ‘The Lady Loses A Shoe‘, available for FREE on Amazon Kindle for 5 days.

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FREE: 23rd March until 27th March

Lady Rosamond Whitney agrees to attend the Little Season in support of her widowed friend Lady Harriett Templeton. However, she has no wish to find a husband for herself as her heart lies elsewhere.
After visiting the modiste they go to a local coffee house, unaware of the danger ahead.
Enter the Lord Sebastian, 6th Marquess of Delmoor, a renowned rakehell and hero of the Battle of Waterloo. On their way, to Bath, they stop for coffee at the local coffee house little realising they would be fighting a rapacious group of drunken dandiprats intent on dishonouring Lady Rosamond and Lady Harriett.

PLEASE NOTE: This novel is an abridged and edited version of Nurse to the Marquis.

I hope you are all keeping safe and supporting those in most need – my husband and I are currently isolating. Please enjoy my website. You will find information on my many books and even a gallery with photos and slideshows of my artwork. Love, Katy.

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Canine Collaborator

Slumping back in my chair, after spending an age editing the structure of an awkward sentence, I am almost ready to engage in writer vs monitor pugilism. Instead, I take a breath and reach over to stroke my dog’s head. Lucy, my attentive Sprocker Spaniel, looks up from her vantage point on the sofa – her sofa – and happily receives the attention.

“Little help?” I ask.

Lucy tilts her head in a quizzical manner, her shaggy ears flopping to the side. For a moment, we gaze at one another, staring deep into each other’s eyes, as if telepathically comparing notes. With a smile, I return to my keyboard and tentatively edit the sentence. Not quite there, but a good start.

“Thank you, Lucy”, I say, briskly stroking her head. She does not reply, not even a nod … because of course, she is a dog.

Do you have a canine collaborator, or some other pet that helps you with your writing?


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PC Setup, Writing

I love my Ducky! Or, some interesting insights into my new writing setup.

A recent battle with eyesight problems, which played havoc with my usually prolific writing schedule, prompted some changes to my hardware and software setup. I thought I might share these changes should they be of any use to any fellow writers out there.

I won’t go into the details of my eyesight problems. Suffice to say that deteriorating focus, headaches, and warped imagery were all involved. Whilst medical treatment has helped dramatically, I also made the following changes – and I love my Ducky!

1: A new PC Monitor: For my main monitor, I replaced my trusty, though ageing, Philips monitor with a new 28” BenQ monitor. The Philips is now my 2nd monitor and my even older 19” Acer has now ascended to Monitor Heaven (some dark place in the attic known only to my hubby). Not only does the increased screen size of the BenQ mean I’m not squinting as much at small details, but it also has ‘flicker free’ eyecare technology, which is much easier on the eyes and less likely to induce headaches. It also has built-in blue filter settings for late night typing, but I use software for this, so have not used this feature. It also has a great picture, and wasn’t expensive, which is always nice.

2: Ease of Access Settings: My eldest son, who is tech savvy, introduced me to the Ease of Access settings in Windows 10. These can be found by clicking the Settings icon in the Start Menu, and then selecting Ease of Access. In Ease of Access/Display, you can increase the size of text (I use 125%) and also ‘Make Everything Bigger’ (I use 150%). In Ease of Access/Curser & Pointer, you can increase the size of your curser (I use 2 or 3) and also ‘Make the Curser Easier to See When Typing’ (the icon that changes the curser from white to black depending on the background colour is interesting). Experiment with these settings to find what suits you. You can of course use the zoom feature in your word processing software, but with these settings you may not have to.

3: ClearType: This is a Windows feature that can improve the readability of text and is very easy to set up. Just type Cleartype in the Windows search bar and click on ‘Adjust ClearType text’ in the list. Then, you simply follow the instructions and choose the text that looks best to you. If you have more than one monitor then you can set it up for both.

4: My lovely Ducky! Another change, though not as directly related to my eyesight problems, is the acquisition of a mechanical keyboard. For those that don’t know, a mechanical keyboard has a sturdy switch for each key, rather than a mushy membrane. This is more like the computer keyboards from the 1980’s and can give the typist both audible and tactile feedback.

Ducky, a respected Taiwanese brand, produce clean design mechanical keyboards for both typists and gamers and my son had one spare, which he gave to me to try (keep). The Ducky uses Cherry MX switches, which are good quality. My one has brown switches, which have a tactile ‘bump’ as you press, but not a loud click. Red’s, mainly for gamers, have no bump or click, and blues have both a bump and a click. As a touch-typist, having tactile feedback has transformed my typing. I make far fewer mistakes, especially missed keystrokes. In time, I intend to upgrade to a new Ducky with adjustable backlight illumination. I may get a blue switch version, with a louder click for increased touch-typing goodness (obviously not a good choice if there are other people around when you’re typing).

The combination of these changes has really helped my writing and my eyesight. It is important to remember however, that there is no substitute for simply giving your eyes a rest from the PC screen. It is all too easy to take a break from writing your next bestseller and switch to browsing for a while. You really need to regularly look/get away from your monitor and treat your eyes to some longer distance focus; even if it means just gazing out of the window and watching the world go by.


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