Hello, I have a blog with bloggers but am impressed with WordPress so I have decided to use both.

It is interesting maybe a little disappointing to see the fall off in sales with Amazon.  There may be many reasons for this  including world economics.  It appears that the  independent  publisher should upgrade their marketing procedures, which is fair enough.  It is first of all wonderful that one has the  advantage of actually publishing with such a prestigious organization. Amazon gave me that and I will always be grateful.  Over two years ago this was not possible. We had to join the queue awaiting the inevitable rejecttionslip from the traditional publishers, except for the talent or nepotism   I did actually have a publisher but I don’t want to publish why I terminated the contract here.  One because it’s not fair  really, as perhaps that publisher has gone on to learn a bit more and is now enjoying success. My book suffered and  I am still fighting the bad reviews.

So like so many others I have gone independent and enjoying it except for the abrupt fall in sales since last November. It could d be that my books failed to interest anymore or it could be because of word recession.

However, the thing is to become p;proactive and forge ahead with fresh ideas for marketing.

As dinner is almost ready I shall end here. but hope to interact further another day. So good luck to everyone who is searching for means of promoting their books.

Best wishes,


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