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Question, does an author put their name to paranormal and crime novels? On the other hand, should the two genres have a different name?  I mean, would a reader who is used to the author writing paranormal, realise the book on show is for crime?  The chance is, if they enjoyed the work of a particular author they would search for that writer’s name, buy the book, find it was completely different to paranormal and be exasperated.

I think I have answered my own question, but then, I do know of other authors who write in many genres.  The trouble is I have blogs and a website, which the latter I am building up and it’s all to do with my present name. I cringe at the thought of building up other blogs and websites under another name, for which I would have to make up a fictitious background and interests.  The more I write on this, the more I think I should stick with Katy Walters. I mean, the paranormal novel is so near to crime.

Hah as I write, the sun is coming out.  I took Lily for a walk this morning and although overcast, we had a great time, me exercising and Lily exploring every delicious smell in the lane.  Fortunately, we have a series of lanes, which make for lovely walks.

Now onto another subject. Having finished my two crime novels I sat back and thought and thought.  I have now decided that I have to change the background of one of my main characters.  She has never fitted with her background, her personality; looks and role are fine, but not the background. It has bugged me for weeks and I will go with the gut instinct and change her origin. It means going right through the edited copy of the MS but I don’t mind as long as I get it right. I empathise with this character but feel she was not quite right, a book is like a tapestry, all the colours blending to make a graphic message.  Well this girl’s strand of silk contrasts too much. So having g studied the picture is will be worth all the work to get it as perfect as I can.  I owe that to the reader. If I feel it, the reader will feel it.

By the way, Reunited at Rhonan is now out on Amazon.

reunited for wordpress_edited-2

I  hope you enjoy it :))

I shall put an excerpt on with the next post. Now the Rhonan series is complete and the two first crime books written, I can turn my mind to writing about them.  That is in between beginning the next book in the crime series. As for the name of the author, I shall stick to Katy Walters.  That is unless you have any comments.

Have a wonderful day and may peace surround you.

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