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Steena Final A Ladys Plight

Hi there, Great news.

Recently, I joined new website called The Authors Billboard. It’s a place where Mimi’s Gang (a group of 33 of my author friends) hang out and share their successes, new releases and stories about their lives in the form of blog posts.

Also, each month, we’ll be setting up a huge book-sale page on the website (HERE) with a book being submitted from each of our wonderfully successful (many of them NY Times, USA Today and Amazon best-selling) authors. Then for three days each the month, our readers can peruse and buy these books at notoriously low prices or… if they subscribe to our newsletter, maybe win one of the10 books we’ll be offering as prizes. The winners will get to choose the books they want.

So, can I ask you a huge favor? Would you look around the website, check out the various pages and then please sign up for our newsletters. I promise, we’ll try and keep them full of great news, fabulous specials and interesting tidbits about our authors. Just know that you will be supporting a wonderful group of hard-working women who absolutely deserve and sincerely appreciate your consideration.

Love and hugs.




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