The Countess Refuses




The promotion by Kindle Scout. .

It is such an exciting, lip biting, heart racing time. Will it – won’t it? Will the book be accepted by Kindle Scout for publishing or will it be returned to me?

Hopes and doubts rise like droplets from a waterfall, sparkling orbs flowing down to the still pool below, stirring still waters into crystal foam. Maybe it is not a popular genre? Maybe it’s not saleable? After all Regency Romance is a sub-genre. Just mulling over thoughts.

Either way, the book is still precious to me. It’s my baby, formed through my love of writing, born from my mind, never an easy birth at the best. But what delight at the finished form, a miracle, to me at least, beautiful and complete. I always wonder how I did it. I frown questioning myself, as I read it. Was that really me? Or was it some spirit taking over my brain, filtering into my mind? Some writers cannot even remember the story they’ve written, characters or names. I guess it is a time of magic, of solitude, with only music to accompany the storm of creation. Hmm I think this is turning into a poem. I do actually love writing poetry, and if it is alright with you dear reader, I would like to put some on here. Also, some more videos and articles of historical, spiritual, metaphysical and Sci Fi interest. Maybe the odd quiz? Please write and tell me what you prefer.

Now it is countdown time, only four more days before the promotion ends. I will write and let you ou know either way. Being an Indie is always an exciting time, writing the book, having it edited, developing a book cover, finding beautiful graphics.

Until we meet again, wish me luck. Please nominate The Countess Refuses. The link is:

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