There is a great party going on thrown by the Authors of Authors Billboard. There are so many fantastic prizes, giveaways, and exciting authors to chat to. So do come and join us. I won’t be doing a chat slot because of my eyes, as you know I have Acute Angle Glaucoma so I wouldn’t be able to keep type out messages to the huge number of visitors to chat to. But I’m here telling you all about this incredible party. Just click on the link in the first image.


I have been working on a new novel and have decided to explore a new genre – Psychology. It includes clinical and humanistic methods of treatment, a budding romance, and the symptoms of a popular and brilliant psychotherapist, It is chilling, yet touches the heart, surprising and traumatic. I do not have an ending yet, that is to come as the therapist and the clients tell their stories.

Here is an excerpt from the first chapter:

Diary of a Therapist


‘I can’t sleep Rache. Last night I lay there, tossing – sweating. I was soaking wet, so were the sheets.  I had to get up and change my nightdress. Then to top it all, the duvet was wet. I just didn’t have the energy to change it.’ 

‘Come on, you’re doing well. You were more probably churning up about coming today, but you’ve done it. You’re sitting here, for the first time since Tom…look, just stay a little longer.  Next time it will—’

‘There won’t be a next time Rache, my head’s exploding.  What’s here for me without him?’ I feel my throat dry up. ‘I’m sorry, Rache, I’ve got to leave –  I’m no good to the patients like this. ’ Scooping up the remnants of the foam, I let them drop back into the cup. ‘He’s in my dreams every night.’

So now to get to work. :))

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