Can I Stay Here?

A few months ago, the world changed. Taking a break from my writing, I captured a precious moment outside my window. With all the global fear and confusion, I felt a longing to stay in that moment. Here is that moment, and the poem that it inspired.

The Birds Outside My Window

Can I Stay Here?

Time stood still; I was held in a bubble of joy.
Through a window, I watched our feathered friends survive.
All thought slipped away.
I became part of this simple act of nature – being.
For a few priceless moments, the world changed.
I lived with flowers, seeds,  water, birds – life.
Precious moments, no threat, no fear. 
In those exquisite moments, I experienced pure being,
no threat,  no fear, no pandemic.
Can  I stay here? Can I just Be? 
The Baby Thrush

Copyright © 2020 Katy Walters
All rights reserved

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4 thoughts on “Can I Stay Here?

  1. Charlee: “Birds.”
    Chaplin: “Birrrrds.”
    Charle: “Birds birds birds birds birds.”
    Lulu: “You two cats realize this post and poem are not about catching birds and eating them, right?”
    Charlee: “Who said anything about eating?”
    Chaplin: “We would be happy to sit and stare at them, too.”
    Charlee: “All. Day. Long.”

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