Five Squirrels in Our Garden

Another short, happy, video as the two squirrels return … with three pals. Hubby, leaning precariously over a coffee table, managed to capture their antics on video without scaring them away. One of the squirrels was obviously the dominant one, and chased away the others should they get too close to their tasty treats. I used the same uplifting music as before. I hope this brightens up your day!

Music: An Earraigh by Dee Yan Key

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2 thoughts on “Five Squirrels in Our Garden

  1. Aw so sweet! It’s amazing you had so many squirrels in your garden at the same time – we get the odd one every now and then, but he never brings his buddies to hang out with. With all the nasty weather at the moment (I imagine it’s similar for you on the coast, I’m up a little on the West) we tend to see even less of these squirrels upto their cute antics. It made me chuckle at the end to see how fast the one at the back zoomed off when the pigeon swooped down. This definitely brightened up my day, thank you for sharing. xx

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