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Thankfully, I think I’ve just about managed to put this blog into some shape and content:). I am just about to commence putting in links and friends. I look forward to interacting and sharing.  Writing is a wonderful experience, but to enter and stay in the zone of creativity; solitude is a primary requisite.

Although I write in the supernatural, paranormal and crime genres, I do like to explore the mystical and mythological themes. I am also interested in archaeology and the latest research into science and on top of that, I love a great romance. So I am an eclectic.

 I love to explore the normal and abnormal minds. I like to give a sense of reality to the mystical and supernatural inclinations or experiences of the characters; the type of reality that has the reader on the tips of their toes, weeping, laughing or looking furtively into the dark recesses of their minds or the corners of the room, e.g., did that shadow move?

With every book I write, I feel as if I am ploughing the depths of the unconscious, little by little it is emerging.  However, like many others, I know that this deep unconscious is not a separate entity, we all share. Well, Carl Jung claims we do and so do many philosophers.

This view gives such a sense of unity and belonging. Maybe some cannot feel it, but there are precious occasions when one does feel such unity. We term it the mystical experience, but maybe we should rename it the practical experience, the experience of being completely at one with the universe and each other.

So that’s my kind of introduction, and I hope to explore many of the above areas and share in the blog.  Maybe with the odd cookery recipe or painting or whatever comes to mind:).

I wish you a peaceful night, and a fulfilling day tomorrow.


Love and hugs,





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