An answer to the genres?

Well on going through my Kindle Fire and Amazon itself, I found it quite difficult at first to find the kind of books in the Scott Hunter or Scott Mariani, Dan Brown genre.  On clicking on Dan Brown’s Amazon sale site,  I saw that it was under Action and Adventure, Adventure Stories and Action, then followed by Crime, Thriller, Suspense. Through clicking on his book, I was able to follow through on the ‘also boughts’ to my other favourite authors, and hey – great. I found Ian CP Irvine and Michael Crichton. 

But the only set back is that on searching through Action and Adventure, they do not turn up immediately, it takes time and patience.  This is the only offput I have after Stone Relics and the Rhonan series falling between the genres. So it is still a nebulous area. However I can only write from the heart, so once again I am facing a genre question if I write my beloved symbollic, archaeolgical – come quest book.

Quite honestly, I can’t see how Amazon  can give a specific genre to these books as they do embrace a more abstract area.

I’d love some comments on this.

Now I’m off to bed with my hot chocolate, Werthyr Originals, Mint imperials and my Kindle Fire.  Scott Mariani beckons. :))


Have a peaceful night and fulfillng day.






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