The One is as important as the many



Do forgive me for not writing since March.  Please – say I, wringing my hands. There is a really good reason. I was just about to start editing my two new crime books which are to form a series, ‘Detective Inspector Devin Redd and DS Dove.when I received an email. To my consternation, I realised it was from a reader who wrote me a mind blowing email. Well mind blowing to little moi.

He wrote that he purchased Return to Rhonan, read it on the plane  so then downloaded Possessed at Rhonan in the airport, read that on holiday and is now waiting with baited breath for book three. Oops and other words, four letters and all that – not for delicate ears,

I knew I had to do something. I did not  intend writing   the third book, I had started, but fell in love with the idea of a crime series. However, this is the question dear friends, well it wasn’t a question really. I knew that the One is as Important as the Many. The guy had bought  the two books – read them and now was waiting  for the third. Taking a deep breath, I put the two crime books to bed, and decided to write that third book for him in a month. I could not possibly keep him waiting. My son when he saw my with blistered fingers from bashing the key board and and cross eyed after hours of looking at the screen, asked me what on earth i was doing. When I told him he said,    ‘Mum – you’re mad.’ To which I snapped, ‘Now you know where you got it from.’ But he persevered,  ‘Why are you writing the whole book for just one person?’ To which I testily replied, because I am quite mad and  I will do it, the One is as Important as the Many – it is my philosophy and however insane I will follow it.

Well, it was a month of getting up really early, at least by ten am and writing through the day; tearing around the block giving the dog a walk, then begging hubby to cook one of his inedible dinners,  (he’s into  tongue burning curries at the moment,  and loses control when putting in the chillies Have you ever tried bandaging your tongue?). Anyway to continue,  I would then collapse  in front of the TV watching  A&E 24 hours and feel terrified, before falling into bed and have a sleepless night trying to work out the next chapter.

So the upshot is, it is written. I thought if writers can achieve a book in a month on Nano Wrimo then I can achieve it, knowing it was going to be blood, sweat, indelicate words and tears.

So now hubby and I are proofreading. Whisper – whisper, as I write  this he is in the kitchen chopping up more Chillies he swears blind they are good for longevity. ???


However, I wonder if there is anyone reading this who can help me. I want to call it’ United at Rhonan, but my son says it sounds like a Football team.  I think it  sounds  better than Reunited at Rhonan. . Any ideas?

(Whisper – whisper – hubby’s just come in and told me I left the freezer door open. So I politely asked him if he closed it :)))

What does he expect me to do, roll on the floor in a paroxysm of tears, tear my  hair out and beg  his forgiveness??

He said  that it would freeze up, so maybe I should lick it off – be good for my tongue.


Take care of yourselves,

Love and hugs,




4 thoughts on “The One is as important as the many

    1. I am so glad you enjoy the style. I think the only advice i can give is to write from your heart. I just place my hands on the keyboard, put on some music – classical mainly, especially Mozart whom I can’t stand, I am a fan of the Black Eyed Peas, but classical stimulates the little grey cells of which I possess a dwindling few. I actually like the stream of consciousness, where you just start writing. Don’t look at the mistakes, just keep going, even if you finish up with a sea if red, just plough through the waves of emotions . Don’t plan, don’t speculate and don’t worry if nobody loves you if you write something that is not up to scratch. Just have the question or subject in your mind and just go – go – go. James Joyce used this method albeit he was as erotic as hell, I do not aim to be like that, but can’t control my mind when it writes, if I did, my writing would be cold, stultified, without heart but with plenty of moral conscience – in other words dull. I just hope it isn’t.
      So, I think after writing this, I shall actually do a post and dedicate it to you. Thank you, you have made my day and lighted my path.

      Love and hugs,

      Now some people would say, why write love and hugs, well it”s an action, the same as hitting someone over the head with a fish. I prefer the former.:)).

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