Blurbs and bios. Hello and Welcome. Hi there,

Blurbs and bios.
Hello and Welcome. Hi there, I hope you are well.  I try not to write at night as I seem to be a different animal than the morning. The vocabulary is different, and I have this wicked sense of humour, well wicked to me. I write things I just wouldn’t write first thing in the morning.

 Well I have a conundrum – now that’s a word I don’t use often.  I read my emails and came  across an article by the renowned Richard Ridley on writing blurbs and bios. I was so impressed and have copied it into a folder to read often. It is full of tips and advice that are like fresh daisies in a jaded lawn. Only thing is I really got caught  up – inspired with his tips on bios and things. Biting my lip I decided to take the plunge. I have ripped out my biography on Author Central. It was kind of boring really, a   life history which must have bored people stiff. I mean who wants to know that about my grandmother ‘s teeth or that I soaked babies nappies in a bucket. I didn’t realize you could throw them away. It was a mess I can tell you. 

Anyway to continue, I thought what could I write that would inspire people. Richard wrote his bio in three lines – I think. I will check later.  I was inspired.  So, I thought about it for two minutes and wrote.

‘Katy lives on the South Coast.  You will find her dragged along  the beach by a frenzied dog, all of seven stone, whose main aim in life is to lick everyone.’

Actually first of all I wrote, ‘Katy lives on the South Coast with a husband mesmerized by grave stones, and a frenzied dog whose main aim in  life is to drag her along the beach licking everyone.’

I thought that maybe I was being unkind talking about Hubby like that. But actually it is true. For instance. when we went to Greece, I was on the beach deciding whether or not I would actually join the others and go topless.  Meanwhile hubby  was in the nearest cemetery looking at Greek grave stones. So it would have been okay. But who would believe me? That was a glorious holiday. I remember  hubby came back from the graveyard and bought some of the Greek wine from one of the beach cafes. He was legless by the time he reached me. It is definitely stronger out there. Just one small  bottle, it’s not as if we drink.  Well not then.

I am overjoyed I have almost finished the proof reading and copy editing for the third book of Rhonan. Thank you Universe.  I have read it through  three times and put it through word spellers etc. plus a huge font   so I didn’t miss anything and so has hubby. 

By the way he’s gone off making the curries at the moment.  We’re back to  fried egg, bacon, baked beans and chips.  

So if anyone has any ideas about the new biography I’d be grateful. I only put the degrees and things in before  as I thought people  will think maybe I could write.

Now, you know, since taking them off the bio I feel naked – free – light and ready to take my frenetic dog down the beach. Actually it is true about her licking everything.  I did take her to training classes but she”s been expelled twice. Not for being naughty,  but because she loves people to death, one of her things is licking men and women’s bottoms. Honestly, it’s embarrassing for hubby. I can get away with it as the men  usually turn around and give me a beaming smile. 

Now it is late and I have to go and do some night reading to keep the flow up.  I wish you all a wonderful good night and sweet dreams. 


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