The womb of the Mind – Who created it?

The womb of the mind. Who created it?


This suddenly occurred to me as  Ray Vogel appeared on my horizon.  One of the ways we will find out is through science, through reaching out into space and beyond the material world.  Rocket Science- yes  and the incredible thing here is Ray is a Rocket Scientist who has also written a fictional book with a tight plot, strong characters and an amazing storyline to blow your mind.  

Put the mind of a rocket scientist and an artist together and that is where fantastic creativity is born.  That is why I’m just so excited with this new author. I can’t wait to read all of this book, to delve into the creativity born from such an awesome mind. It’s rather like Einstein’s only pleasure was not the structure of an atom, but a violin, another genius and artist.

 Ray is going to most probably groan, pull his hair out, jump up and down and protest, oh God – I am not a genius and I’m not artist. Well I say he is. I do know that many scientific advances come from science fiction writers. Yes – it’s true really. I know he most probably wants to hit me over the head with a fish, but discoveries have come about through scientists combing the science fiction books. Writers of this genre are actually paid for their ideas, they hold thousands of patents.

I do agree I’ve been rattling on about regency romance and crime for the past few posts but I absolutely love science fiction. My first book is Science fiction and I had an incredible time, researching the latest advances in science – on the Web of course.  Sadly, I am not a Rocket Scientist; I am a mystic and psychologist. In fact, I actually put some of these advances in the book and some people wrote to me complaining they were too bizarre and unrealistic even for a sci-fi book. Hmm. Moi – bizarre? No, just a lover of science.  

There are things being researched now that would blow some minds.  For instance, time travel, do people know that we actually do slip to and fro in time?  That déjà vu is time travel, that photons move faster than light, can actually anticipate an event and can work backwards.

I would have to go back and lookup some of it to give an exact explanation but I am being creative at the moment and writing from my heart and oh yes, my soul.  Now where is the soul created?

The secrets are veiled in the stars, or even a speck of dust ready for some visionary artist to bring them to light. Then of course there are researchers who study abstract maths and physics – creating formulas for ‘intent and they delve into mysticism.  There are no facts once you go into the realms of our latest scientific research.

I actually attended a course at University for mysticism. My fellow readers were three abstract mathematicians.

So isn’t it all so exciting? 

I wish Ray every success in his new book and will relish the visions he shares with his readers.  The secrets planted in the womb of the mind are out there. Ready for some visionary to bring them into the light.

I am not going to go back and edit this or make it more sensible – it was written from the heart and you can’t make that at all sensible.


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