Canine Collaborator

Slumping back in my chair, after spending an age editing the structure of an awkward sentence, I am almost ready to engage in writer vs monitor pugilism. Instead, I take a breath and reach over to stroke my dog’s head. Lucy, my attentive Sprocker Spaniel, looks up from her vantage point on the sofa – her sofa – and happily receives the attention.

“Little help?” I ask.

Lucy tilts her head in a quizzical manner, her shaggy ears flopping to the side. For a moment, we gaze at one another, staring deep into each other’s eyes, as if telepathically comparing notes. With a smile, I return to my keyboard and tentatively edit the sentence. Not quite there, but a good start.

“Thank you, Lucy”, I say, briskly stroking her head. She does not reply, not even a nod … because of course, she is a dog.

Do you have a canine collaborator, or some other pet that helps you with your writing?


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3 thoughts on “Canine Collaborator

  1. Hubba, my large orange cat, spends a lot of time in my writing recliner at my left elbow. It’s strange how pets choose their spots. When it’s chilly, my Pom-Jack-Huahua is at my feet, the other dog, a purebred Pomeranian, vies with Hubba for elbow space. They’re definitely a comfort!

  2. Dogs make the best writing companions! I miss my dog Bandit every day. He always knew when to tell me to take a break, ha!
    Lucy is adorable–it’d be easy to feel encouraged with that sweet pup around.

  3. Charlee: “I help Dada out with his writing by sitting in his lap and making muffins all morning.”
    Chaplin: “How does that help him, exactly?”
    Charlee: “Well he has his coffee with him then and everyone knows muffins go great with coffee.”

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